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Dr. Paul M. Lisnek is one of the nation’s most respected trial and jury consultants working today and brings over 25 years experience in the profession.. His highly sought commentary and analysis can be seen frequently on both television and radio networks worldwide, including NBC News, Court TV (now In Session), CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, and National Public Radio to name just a few. (See bio page for a more extensive list of media appearances). He is a former two-term president of the American Society of Trial Consultants, insuring during his term that a Code of Professional Responsibility regarding the work of trial consultants was drafted and adopted, a Code that serves the profession to this day. He was honored as a society past president on the 25th Anniversary of the ASTC. Among the thirteen books authored by Dr. Lisnek is “Courtroom Power,” a critical text of communication strategies for trial lawyers, and “The Hidden Jury and Other Secret Tactics Lawyers Use to Win,” the first book written for consumption by the general public on the work and strategies of trial consultants. The book includes a Forward by the late and great trial lawyer, Johnnie Cochran.


Paul is CEO of Decision Analysis, a highly respected and called upon full service trial consulting group based on Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City.  The mission of Dr. Lisnek and the entire Decision Analysis team is to transform case evidence into powerful stories and persuasive images. Working to find the strengths in cases, identifying and reducing or curing case vulnerabilities, and clarifying confusing information are just some of the ways Paul and his team translate cases into compelling, evocative and comprehensive stories for jurors and judges. The Decision Analysis team uses the most advanced and accurate social science research and persuasive communication tools and strategies for any litigation setting, including arbitration, mediation and trial. Prior to establishing Decision Analysis with his consulting partner Richard Gabriel, Dr. Lisnek was affiliated with Trial Behavior Consulting, Inc, and Tsongas Associates.
Over the years, Dr. Lisnek has come to realize that it’s not enough for a lawyer simply to win his or her case. Legal cases create precedent. Legal cases create publicity. Legal cases create consensus and momentum. This translates into public opinion and political consequence. The advanced research tools utilized by Decision Analysis allow companies and legal counsel to anticipate factors that could influence corporate and legal strategy and to make pre-emptive preventative decisions to shift the momentum in opinion and policy.

Case Research

- Focus Groups
- Trial Simulations
- Settlement Studies
- Damage Studies
- Venue Research
- Community Surveys
- Bench Trial Studies
- Judicial Decision Studies
- Decision Dial Response


- Theme Development and Presentation Design
- Opening Statement/Closing Argument Consultation
- Witness Preparation and Training
- Media Management
- Courtroom Graphics/Technology Consultation
- Judicial and Opposing Counsel Profiles

In Court Assistance

- Jury Selection
- Juror Questionnaire
- Voir Dire Design
- Question Database
- Trial Monitoring
- Mirror Juries
- Post-Trial Interviews
- Mediation Presentation
- Arbitration Presentation
- Negotiation Consulting


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